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An alderman maintaining the age old traditions! Her kids figured out they can run up credit cards then pay them off with bankruptcy, I’ll bet their bankruptcy lawyers have connections too, I don’t think courts normally let you do serial bankruptcies.


Serial bankruptcies are common in IL. A lot of it has to do with one law firm – debt stoppers – that files the vast majority of the repeat filers. There are some prohibitions on repeat filings but they’re considered generous compared to other countries. As for bankruptcy lawyers with connections,not really. Not the consumer lawyers. Maybe the big firm chapter 11 lawyers might have some professional or school connections to the judges but consumer bankruptcy lawyers are a lowly bunch. Go over to Judge Schmetterer’s courtroom in federal court and see if any of the lawyers there have ‘connections’.… Read more »

Dr X

come on we all know the word we`re looking for here


Racist? The progressive Chicago media that hates hates hates Trump is now racist? i love when the left eats their own


“In this city where most elected officials are of the same party as me, I am being persecuted politically with reports of things that really happened.”

This is what you are saying, Ms. Austin.


And the article was something about parking tickets and fines, which she voted for, which drove her own degenerate children into bankruptcy.

Truth in Cook County

Yep, she votes for ordinances that call for fees, fines, etc. Or drives on the tollway where a normal citizen pays tolls. But not our Chicago politician. She and her family cannot be expected to pay that. Just rinse in bk and repeat. What a role model for the community – anyone wonder why we aren’t doing better in Chicago?