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Poor Taxpayer
7 days ago

Disability pay and benefits. The Cops hit the lottery today.
They pay Zero income taxes on Disability money.
Taxpayers pay, pay, pay.
I have chest pains just reading the story.
This is their lucky day.
Some one send them a real estate flyer from Florida, Luxury home on its way.
Illinois “Land of Slavery”

7 days ago
Reply to  Poor Taxpayer

Showing your true colors again as a disgusting person. Remember, everyone in your disgusting life hates you. You are a bitter, failed individual.

True believer
8 days ago

Lori and her losers at the Chicago Tribune and scum times and especially channel 9 are all cop haters. She has encouraged attacks on the police. Anything she says is a hypocritical lie, just like her entire career.

8 days ago

I wonder why she can’t see how hypocritical she sounds. Asking for prayers for the officers who were shot and injured (which is of course fine and should have been done WAY more often)…but at a the same time Villainized them and all other Officers. Pathetic.

8 days ago

First step is to defund the police therefore no cops could get injured. Remove the entire police facility so that criminals won’t be brought into an environment that is threatening to them. Remove the courts that are there because the justice system in racist and has been forever. Let the criminal element rob, rape and pillage freely, especially in neighborhoods of the socially woke crowd. Let the marches, burning and looting begin because prior to shooting the cops the suspect shouted “I cant breathe”. Mayor Lightintheslippers asked for prayers for the injured officers and then requested States Attornet Foxx consider… Read more »

8 days ago
Reply to  rick1099

What a disgusting, sick and pathetic human being she is.