2020 was a defining year for Wirepoints and the path is open for us to have an even bigger impact – with your support.

Over the past year, we played a critical role educating the public on the pitfalls of higher taxes and we laid out the most comprehensive, ambitious pension reform plan yet for Illinois. Our data-driven research was at the core of a range of reforms we’ve put forth that Illinois must eventually embrace, and we challenged the state’s flawed COVID narrative with understandable, empirical analyses.

We know we’re making a difference. Our readership tripled over the past year and our research was cited or republished by an ever-growing list of national and state opinion leaders. We make all of our work product available free of charge to everyone, from the general public to officeholders, candidates, activists and media, no matter what their politics. We deal in plain English and facts, which is what you’ve told us you like.

As a nonprofit that relies on individual donations, our mission depends on you. Your contributions to us as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization are tax deductible.

The day will come when Illinois lawmakers will have no choice but to embrace structural reforms instead of denying, delaying, extending and pretending. We intend to be there with the facts and solutions to help set things right.

For those of you unable to help, we understand the difficulty so many Illinoisans face, but we hope you will continue to follow us because it’s you whose interests are of most importance.

Thank you.

Mark Glennon and Ted Dabrowski

Donate by check: Checks can be sent to Wirepoints Corp., 820 Lake Avenue, Wilmette, IL 60091.

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22 days ago

Just made a donation.

Keep up the good work gentleman.



Tom Kaye
27 days ago

My current problem with Wirepoints is that it seems that more and more articles are requiring that you subscribe to their publication in order to access their content and I can only afford so many subscriptions.

22 days ago
Reply to  Tom Kaye

We get the overall “jist” of the articles without having to pay a subscription fee to the fishwrap is how I more or less see it and in not paying a fee to some of the news sources that were complacent in Illinois becoming the mess that it has become is priceless.
Just sayin…

1 month ago

The daily news summary email I get here is worth more than I pay for the Tribune and your own articles are by far the best! Everybody should be reading this and contribute if you can.

1 month ago

I credit WP for helping to expose Pritzker’s outright lies on Covid and the failed ‘progressive tax’ increase, and helping keep the dishonest media honest. That is cause for my gratitude and a donation!

1 month ago

Thank you wp for fighting for the truth in the great con-job known as illinois..EVERYONE PLEASE CONTRIBUTE!!!

1 month ago

Is now a good time for my annual Wirepoints Christmas party comment?

1 month ago

Please post crypto public wallet address for ETH and BTC?

1 month ago
Reply to  Mark Glennon

(Laughing face emoji)