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2 days ago

This is serious.

Twitter must be held financially responsible for this absolutely unsubstantiated attack on an innocent United States citizen.

Clearly Twitter is being protected by corrupt public officials and this must come to a halt.

Possibly the Supreme Court will intervene.

The True Believer
3 days ago

But the blm domestic terrorists can do whatever they want. RINO Lausch and the fake Usdoj allowed the blm to destroy Chicago over and over and nothing was done. This country will soon explode because of these people.

I'm no Senator's Son
3 days ago

OK so the man with the CFD cap was not the PERP?

4 days ago

Twitter should be sued into oblivion along with Facebook.

Governor of Alderaan
4 days ago

This is the new fascist police state we live in. You must prove you’re not a racist, misogynist, classist, capitalist, patriot, police supporter, Trump supporter, etc or you’re cut off from society’s resources

Irwin Fletcher
4 days ago

Typical Twitter. Spreading all these “truths” with no regard of the repercussions to actual people. Almost as bad as the MSM.