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Governor of Alderaan
2 months ago

Lots of things don’t make sense to Groot

2 months ago

Me thinks Lori Bigfoot should not bite the hand that feeds her. Her and Jabba the Hut will need federal bailout dollars in a meaningful way. The longer Jabba leaves a shelter in place, the larger federal bailout the state will need. On the private side, the state does not have anywhere close to funding necessary to bail out all of these small businesses that he will have put under when it is all said and done. If the feds are smart, they should put some serious contingencies around the bail out money to be received by the states no… Read more »

Illinois Entrepreneur
2 months ago

The sense of optimism from the Mayor is almost…infectious.

Mike W
2 months ago

I feel like moving back to Chicago just so I could have the satisfaction of leaving again and laughing at this city of fools as I drive away.