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Four Illinois House Democrats sponsored a resolution last week calling on the United States Congress to change its spending priorities. As reported by Illinois News Network and the Illinois Review, they want money going to the military to go instead to human and environmental needs including solar panels for other countries.

And who are those state reps with expertise in national fiscal matters and foreign affairs? I’m particularly familiar with two of the sponsors, Robyn Gabel (D-Evanston) and Laura Fine (D-Glenview).

They are exceptionally reckless on financial matters and they are liars.

I’ve seen Gabel speak assuring her constituents that Illinois’ temporary tax increase solved our backlog of unpaid bills. It didn’t. That’s a common lie.

I asked both at a joint appearance they made what the cost to consumers will be for the renewable energy provisions in the “Clean Jobs Bill” both of them sponsored. They answered to that effect that they didn’t have the number offhand but it’s not bad and they’d get back to me — another lie. Neither got back to me and it’s clear they didn’t know or care how much it costs. I’ve written often about the hidden, unmeasured costs of that bill. Neighboring states rejected similar legislation because it was in the billions.

At that same appearance both talked about how the state has made all the contributions to its pensions that actuaries prescribe. That’s dishonest. The state pays only what the actuaries calculate is required by statute, but those payments are not nearly enough according to those actuaries.

Fine, according to the Chicago Tribune, said about the temporary tax increase, “it should be allowed to expire, as the law provides. The state made a promise to the people of Illinois and we need to honor that promise.” In July, she voted for the tax increase that replaced it and the unbalanced budget that went with it. Gabel did, too, putting them both on the list of “Madigan’s enablers,” as the Tribune called them.

Gabel reportedly has a background basically in Maoism according to this North Cook News article. I emailed her earlier to confirm or deny and she did not respond. One event of hers, blatantly staged, seemed to be straight out of Mao’s playbook.

The resolution passed the Human Services Committee along party lines but Fine pulled it from a vote on the House floor.

Mark Glennon is founder of WirePoints. Opinions expressed are his own.