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Downstate cynic

Let’s see, mark g is estimating a $8B shortfall, 20% of budgeted revenues.
We are continuing to pay government employees full pay and benefits.
While taxpaying businesses are destroyed.

Is the university downsizing its payroll to show solidarity with the growing number of unemployed taxpayers? And tuition payers?
Fewer taxpayers, Fewer dollars for education.
That’s how math works!


Universities should be required to dip into 50% of their endowments before receiving any federal aid. UofI is sitting on $2.5 billion in endowments. I’m sure their donors will understand.

Super Fed Up IL resident

How about U of I get some aid from China, esp since U of I bent over backwards to admit Chinese students over deserving Illinois students ?

Governor of Alderaan

Does UI also need aid every summer when there are fewer students around?

Fed up neighbor

Ya know what I seek aid to