March 5, 2014 By: Mark Glennon

Over the past two days five labor unions contributed an additional $485,000 to the “Republican Fund for Progress and Jobs,” which is using the money to fund the ad campaign against Bruce Rauner, Republican candidate for governor. Details are linked here.

The fund is not Republican. Last month the Illinois Republican Party, by unanimous vote of its State Central Committee, issued a formal cease and desist  against the group, demanding that it stop using the word “Republican” and Republican trademarks.  The fund is also supported by the Democratic Governors Association, which the Illinois Republican Party told to stay out of the Republican primary. The group’s ads have “contained personal attacks and messages specifically designed to confuse and mislead Republican voters,” according to the Illinois GOP.

Where’s the media coverage on this? Have we seen even one question asked about it in the debates among candidates? As we asked before, can you imagine the outrage if conservative groups and the Republican Governors Association were funding an ad campaign under the label “Democratic”?

Update, March 6, 2014: The group is said to have now dropped the word “Republican” from it’s name. Seems like a tacit admission of its initially phony pretense. Again, why no media coverage on it?

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6 years ago

Let them piss their money away on Dillard. This will be a great turning point to see them lose big on this, and Dillard disgraced over it.