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1 month ago

In a crisis where there are things that people and politicians can’t control, they look for things they can control even if it is only symbolic, thus the whole focus on poor-efficiency cloth face masks. Mask-wearing also has a virtue-signaling function to give the appearance of compliance and cooperation, even if in reality the environment or person is actually a risk to others. That being said, there are far more harmful “safety” restrictions that we need to worry about than face coverings. If giving people their security theater will let struggling businesses open earlier, I’m fine with keeping the face… Read more »

Governor of Alderaan
1 month ago

Our anti-science Dictator for Life disagrees. Maybe the dictator will stop the federal funding these scientists get

joe blow
1 month ago

Fauci said a long time ago in March that you dont need a mask unless you’re coughing or sneezing

and now a 3 or so days ago he says you should wear masks in public… WTF?

does this moron actually know anything? why is the president listening to this idiot who is clearly politically compromised?

Transparent Illinois
1 month ago

Ha! But JB’s health expert Pediatrician says otherwise.