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6 months ago

This story is just too ridiculous to be true. Who in today’s day in age tells staff “I don’t want to sit by black people”. The reality is that mixed-race group of 18 people including children was likely being obnoxious. How this suddenly turns into ‘the racist customer didn’t want to sit around black people and employees complied with this request’ is beyond me, especially when we have yet to hear the stories of the fired (scapegoated) employees and the allegedly racist customer. So much fake news everywhere and the fact that they hired an attorney to give a press… Read more »

6 months ago
Reply to  debtsor

Update on this story the manager was black , they were not asked to move , they were made aware of the guy was a “racist “. They chose to leave after the “heads up” . No crime racist crime was committed, the manager was trying in their opinion avoid a potential situation
Funny how there is no cell phone video of them being asked to move ,,,,,,,,,,move along nothing to see here