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The bond markets and bond raters like to shake us down too. By rewarding government with ratings based on how well they can screw over taxpayers. Raters even encourage higher taxes over lunch with the governor.

Governor of Alderaan

Looking out for taxpayers isn’t the job of the rating agencies. Their job is to tell lenders the likelihood of getting the money they’ve been promised


The Illinois Government has always rolled out the red carpet to encourage members of the “Free State Army” to move here. Then, by throwing them taxpayer paid handouts, they insure themselves of getting their votes come election day. Nothing new here…move along.

joe blow

they shake down the middle class like they are an unlimited ATM and then wonder why people are leaving this crap state with its crap weather, crap politicians, crap schools, crap crime rate crap crap crap crap crap!


Yep, relocating out of state is the only solution. If you’re goofy enough to stay, you’ll be complaining three years from now when things are worse, or worse yet, you won’t be complaining because you’re ignorant or “comfortably numb.”

Governor of Alderaan

“Predatory” is the perfect description of Illinois government and the public sector unions


High taxes are a necessary component of a progressive utopia. Because Orange Man Bad!