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Jabba the Hutt
11 days ago

3rd worlders bringing 3rd world solutions? Nooo….

Last edited 11 days ago by Jabba the Hutt
Lyn P
13 days ago

Well there may be some sub-story behind recruiting efforts for this program, esp. if SIU is enrollment challenged in general.
But the bigger point is that such programs create race-focused individuals, who, with this tunnel vision on the world when role-seeking, get D&I jobs which ultimately force more race-based outcomes on society. As someone commented elsewhere, MLK Jr. would say he wasted his time.

SIU Student
13 days ago

Africana Studies brings a human dimension to any major. Gender studies and Latinx are good majors too.

Chase Gioberti
14 days ago

Great. More ill educated people with degrees not worth the paper on which they are printed.

13 days ago
Reply to  Chase Gioberti

“Different strokes for different folks” applies here. “What floats your boat?”

13 days ago
Reply to  James

The article misses the significant drop in enrollment at Carbondale over the years. And there is little reason to think that it will stop. Likely there is no one reason for the decline, but SIU, never a highly competitive school to begin with, must find ways to stay relevant and a good value to middle class students. The Africana studies program makes for a nice news story, but does little to address the significant challenges facing SIU and frankly, all public universities in Ilinois.