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Barbara Costas
6 days ago

The writer of this tired trope of “structural racism” will stake her career on keeping this lie going, as will all the Black politicians in Chicago who control the “structures”. I would love to see Bob Woodson of 1776 Unites come and talk to Chicagoans about how their Black leaders have betrayed them. Mr Woodson said to Tucker Carlson July 25: “What low-income blacks are facing isn’t institutional racism or bigotry. It’s systematic neglect and abandonment and treasonous behavior. Bigotry is not their biggest challenge: It’s treason from their leaders.” Also: “I believe the salvation of this country is going… Read more »

6 days ago

Black leaders have zero interest in seeing black people become successful. There goal is to keep them all poor, uneducated, and most of all angry. So they will keep voting Democratic.

If they all started becoming doctors, lawyers, and business owners, the next thing you know they would all start voting Republican.

Barbara Costas
6 days ago
Reply to  Gemini

Gemini well said.
The writer touches on the phenomenon of Blacks leaving the city for the safer working and middle class suburbs but doesn’t go any further with this.
I think she should ask them how they developed the resilience and talents needed to progress in life, and how their stories can be models for those who want a better life too.
Instead of trotting out this same old blame it on white supremacy trope.

6 days ago

Structural racism?

Lets see. Lori Lightfoot, mayor (black). Chgo Chief of Police (black). Dorothy Brown, Clerk of Courts (black), Toni Preckwinkle, Pres Cook County Board (Black). Tim Evans, Chief of Cook County Courts (black). Chief of Chicago Fire Dept (black). I could go on and on. Bottom line, its hard to find a WHITE person in government these days.

Institutional racism? Structural racism?

Just a bunch of 10 dollar phrases being used by 10 cent minds.