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You’ll find dozens of articles online today, for Illinois and nationally, about issues surrounding deductibility of prepaid of property taxes. You may even find one for your particular county. I can’t begin to attempt to summarize them because there’s so much contradiction and inconsistency.

For Illinois, it’s yet another chapter in our miserable property tax system. Inconsistencies abound across Illinois counties and — at least for now — it looks like unfairly disparate results may be dictated by what county your property is in.

For Cook County, we wrote earlier that it appeared second half 2017 taxes (ordinarily payable in 2018) would not be deductible against 2017 taxes. In any event, Cook County doesn’t have a mechanism set up to prepay that second half.

However, I’ve talked to knowledgeable people who think that’s unclear and they intend to try to tender payment of second half Cook County taxes in hopes of making it deductible in 2017.

I’m not giving advice either way and the usual warning truly applies: Much of it depends on your particular circumstances and you need to talk to a tax professional.

-Mark Glennon is founder and Executive Editor of Wirepoints. Opinions expressed are his own.

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Illinois gives a 5% property tax credit on my residence tax. I.prepaid $5,000 or a $250 credit. Cook County is up to $300 million in prepaid taxes. What a credit hit to Illinois. Least it reduces my extra state income tax for the year!!


Lots of hot air on this topic. Many who pay high taxes are also subject to the AMT provision. If so, prepaying next year’s taxes will have 0 impact to your tax liability in 2017. Pappas has already said you cant pay the 2nd half – they are not set up to take it and the number isn’t known, and thus cant be assessed.