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4 days ago

Both Larry and One Man Exlipse have stepped on their proverbial pee pees now. People see thru the BS now. Well at least everywhere except Cook County where the majority of citizens dont do math and are apparently lemmings.

5 days ago

If your the dem machine–the game plan is at least keep the jb martial law lockdown going til november. Preckwinkle just got hers extended another 2 months–thats the only cards they got to play against the overwhelming math. If your one of the 100s of thousands who loose your job or business your just collateral damage towards “building the post-covid world” for the gov worker paradise and “fight for $15” for the rest of us chumbalones

Governor of Alderaan
5 days ago

I wonder what scientist has told Dictator for Life Jabba that when a covid vaccine is produced it will be 100% effective and 100% safe

5 days ago

Bill Gates. I only wish I was kidding, man. The world may be new, but she’s far from brave.