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1 month ago

Does this mean that, for a $5 package you have delivered, you’ll pay an additional tax of 25 percent? If that’s true, wouldn’t that cause many residents to relocate from Chicago? This ground delivery tax sounds like another really stupid idea.

The True Believer
1 month ago

This complete clown pig faced Daley is getting ready to run for mayor because he thinks it’s his birthright. Beware of him.

1 month ago

People don’t have to elect him. 😁

1 month ago

Ugh, I thought that’s why there is a sales tax? So tax on a tax?

Let’s get back to basics and clearly ID the drivers of spending, and then make the tough choices based on outcome and results.

Here is a starter: 5% RIF, and 10% cut in benefits for all employees.

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Former Chicagoan
1 month ago

A Daley who’s solution to everything is more taxes? How surprising. NOT

Joe Blow
1 month ago

hahahaha what won’t these idiots come up with to tax

oh, right, their own incomes and pensions…

Governor of Alderaan
1 month ago

“It is costing the city more money. It does generate more trash. Not to mention the additional usage on the roads of the vehicles” making deliveries, Villegas said.

These greedy, lying, thieving pigs have no decency or morals. Their only goal is to financially rape taxpayers. Delivery of online purchases does not cost the city money. Packaging gets recycled. Fewer cars means less wear on roads. Imagine if any business was even 1/10000 as greedy as government

1 month ago

Then request the packages be delivered by drones. 7 of 9 comes to mind.

Former Chicagoan
1 month ago
Reply to  Freddy

I would order a daily delivery!