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The True Believer
4 days ago

I want Christopher Columbus in the schools.

Joey Zamboni
8 days ago

So, a commensurate reduction in staffing can be expected then…?

9 days ago

The Marxist deathgrip (CTU) on our municipal education system must be eliminated.

9 days ago

Enrollment decline was in direct proportion to the ethnic breakdown of CPS enrollment. It wasn’t like there was a mass exodus of black students while the number of white students remained constant. I don’t know what to make of this other than parents across all races assessed the situation equally.

9 days ago

Cut staff; close schools; do what’s possible to teach young “less privileged” students to read, do arithmetic and operate computers. Buy them computers (dedicated to online education) and pay for internet if needed. As COVID persists, create community centers that are supervised by a couple skilled teachers and some dedicated (salaried even) parents. Give the students ’til 3rd grade the opportunity and privilege to learn. Maintain age-appropriate respect and order in schools and learning center. It’s sort of the same theory as Head Start. Or start earlier than kindergarten and fold Head Start into the CPS program. After that put… Read more »

Poor Taxpayer
9 days ago

Give the teachers a huge raise, Oh that’s right they are!!
They get a better education on the streets than in a Chicago School.
Some of the worst schools in the nation are in Chicago.

9 days ago

If this isn’t a reason to mitigate a property tax increase, I don’t know what is. Get with it, Lori, or GTF out of office.