A Chicago restaurant owner sent along the notice below from the City of Chicago, which went to all restaurants in the city. Some are adding surcharges to try to make up for the circumstances that limit them to takeouts. Cough up the sales taxes on those surcharges, says the notice. They total 11.25% in Chicago, the highest in the nation.

Also today, Mayor Lori Lightfoot said restaurants cannot open in Chicago on June 1, even for outdoor dining, which the rest of the state is allowing.

– Mark Glennon

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2 months ago

If moving out of this police state and the City of Chicago is not possible for you, rebel in the next best way, take your spending out of the State of Illinois! Go to a border state.
Shopping in Wisconsin, you do not have to wear a mouth gag.

2 months ago

Would you like some food with your Tax’s?

Chase Gioberti
2 months ago

Let them suffer. They voted for the tyrant. The semi reasonable Chicagoans already left. Let the leftists and perverts and Third Worlders tax each other to death.

2 months ago

Chicago Department of Revenue appears to be fully up and running if they issue a statement like this. So why cant other government branches also open up?

Poor Taxpayer
2 months ago

Illinois is the laughing stock of the USA.
Highest taxes and still broke.
Follow the money, who is getting it.
Not going to services for the General Public.
Maybe for Luxury Homes in Florida and Luxury Cars.
$100,000 per year pensions are the norm, 3% increases every year by law.
Run for your economic life, or die a slow death from Slavery to the Greedy Government Employee.
Cops, Teachers, and Firemen love you like a cat loves a Bird.

2 months ago

If the bar and restaurant owners in Illinois do not lead the charge into rebellion against these tyrants, just like the forefathers did in 1776, they and their businesses will also be history.

The ball is in your court guys…

2 months ago

I just paid 11.75% sales tax for food in Old Town and they included other fees in that calculation. I thought they made a mistake. Guess not.