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S and P
4 days ago

20% cuts are coming to public education. Just like Mayor Garcetti of LA said, 20% will be cut from all departments and the effects will go on for years. That should go over well with CTU. It’s for the kids.

4 days ago

They need to slap a RICO charge on CTU and clean it up. They are no better than teamsters in how they operate…

Mick the Tick
4 days ago

Wouldn’t it just be easier to give each student $15,000 each year (or whatever is spent per student) and let the parents handle their education. Get rid of public education in Chicago. Problem solved.

4 days ago
Reply to  Mick the Tick

That might not work out the way you think it would…

4 days ago
Reply to  debtsor

I agree. Money for public education cannot go to any sectarian organization according to the constitution. Fine. I brought this idea up a few years back to my local state rep. What if the state would not give vouchers (seems to have a bad connotation) to parent but call it a subsidy. The parent would then give the subsidy to a school of their choice which would be co-signed by the state so they don’t spend it on autos or some junk. This would side step the state from giving money directly religious entities if parent chooses thus bypassing the… Read more »

S and P
4 days ago
Reply to  Freddy

Even if parents still have to pay property taxes no matter what, some parents who really care about their kids will make enormous sacrifices to get their kids out of the public schools. That should scare the public education advocates if it doesn’t already because those are the kids they want to have in classrooms. Paul Allen mentioned in his autobiography how his parents sacrificed a lot to pay his tuition to Lakeview, where he met Bill Gates. There’s a great you-tube vid “Economist, how modern families increase social inequality. The socialist teachers are supposedly fighting for equality but they’re… Read more »

4 days ago

Ctu’s already trying to push for all kinds of stuff. Soul sister stacy gates calls it “impact bargaining”..dont be fooled by all the sjw /its all about the kids stuff. This will come down to more ctu $bling$ for covid issuse not in thier cba..same things happening all over the country. Soon it will be cops, fire, strees & san, you name it. Gona be huge. Education Dive: School closures changing districts’ methods, terms for bargaining with unions.

4 days ago

Classdojo it up in these times.

So they have to revise their IEP’s “as appropriate”. Seems rather vague. Can “passable” describe it better?? Just how much work goes into revising IEP’s that may only be necessary till end of year? I’m guessing the SpecialEd teachers have a considerably heavier burden than the rest of the educators? So many questions..sorry!

4 days ago

I suspect that If they do the changing of the lesson plans now…it’s during the school year and that means the cost and work of doing that is part of their contract. What they want to do is complain now and delay the work that is needed until the District has to pay them or an outside contractor during the summer to do the work. That way they either get more money or they get out of the work. Either way it is a win for the administrators and teachers part of the union. Ya know… we really should sympathize… Read more »

Illinois Entrepreneur
4 days ago

Oh for crying out loud. Everyone else in the world has been dealing with extraordinary stress and harm working twice as hard to accomplish half as much as was getting done before. The private sector isn’t even getting paid in many circumstances, and we’re still working more hours than before, because of all the changes we have to adapt to. The moment a public employee is asked to do more to pitch in, out come the lawsuits. This is why you are despised. You are not heroes. The next words I have are not in accordance with the commenting guidelines… Read more »

4 days ago

Dear CPS employees: If you remain mute in the face of your handlers, CTU, you realize you are no better than they? Sharkey and crew, you realize the more obtuse you become, the sooner we will be rid of your moral decay? Look, there’s the CTU, Thelma and Louising themselves off another cliff… Bankruptcy, whether literal, or under the weight of the math you cannot fix will not treat you kindly.