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People have far too much time on their hands. The normal condition of humanity is hardship. Take away the hardship and people start to search for “self-actualization,” which for most today translates to getting apoplectic about trivia. But we live in the Age of Passions, where people pour their entire lives into self-destructive activities they think are making them “happy” or “relevant.” I’ll bet that the “teens” who do this crap all think they’re special because they dye their hair odd colors, wear odd-looking clothes or hairstyles, or they have really cool “ink” (tattoos.) Nothing tells me I’m in the… Read more »


Climate change is great for Illinois. Lake Michigan isn’t shrinking any more, the growing season is lasting longer, the temperate is more moderate and less harsh. Now all need are longer nights in the summer and a few mountains for skiing and we could be a world class destination. Imagine if Chicago razed Englewood, made a huge hill, and turned it into a ski resort!


I’d rather they turned Englewood into a landfill and stopped trucking all their refuse into my neck of the woods.

Governor or Alderaan

It’s called child abuse