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By: Mark Glennon*

The Green New Deal may be mocked nationally for its goal of entirely eliminating fossil fuels, but supporters are dead serious about legislating it for Illinois. Now they are copying a national tactic for support — child exploitation.

The Clean Jobs Coalition is a leading group supporting what’s called the Clean Energy Jobs Act for Illinois. We’ve written about the act before. It would require 100% carbon-free electricity production by 2030 and 100% renewable everything across the state by 2050. Importantly, that means the 2050 goal precludes even nuclear energy, which currently accounts for about half of Illinois’ electricity production.

Yes, tear out your natural gas oven and furnace, junk your gasoline-powered car and lawnmower and prepare to pay obscene energy bills. The president of the Illinois Manufacturers Association wrote in the Sun-Times that supporters aren’t just ignoring the fact that electricity rates are guaranteed to increase if the bill becomes law, “but they are actively saying the opposite.”

Utility costs, however, are just the start. The Green New Deal, initially championed by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, has been ridiculed widely even by some environmentalists for its astronomical cost, which would certainly be in the trillions, if it’s achievable at all. One estimate puts the national cost at $93 trillion.

But don’t expect to find any cost estimate for Illinois’ version. We’ve searched and asked bill sponsors for cost estimates and get nothing. They simply don’t care. If it’s green, cost doesn’t matter.

Supporters have now unleashed real brainpower to make their case: teenagers. Common on social media are messages like the one on the right from the Clean Jobs Coalition with a picture of kids marching in Springfield.

The coalition and other groups helped push messages like the one on the left for the teen protest and “die-in” that blocked traffic in downtown Chicago on Monday.

We’ll be looking forward to their fiscal impact analysis.

The Clean Energy Jobs Act is heavily supported by solar and wind equipment manufacturers and others in the renewables industry, which is a juggernaut of financial and political power. They know who to exploit.

There’s a new word for this — pedophastry. It’s not in the regular dictionaries yet but here’s how the Urban Dictionary defines it:

Pedophastry: Argument involving children to prop up a rationalization and make the opponent look like an asshole, as people are defenseless and suspend all skepticism in front of suffering children: Nobody has the heart to question the authenticity or source of the reporting. Often done with the aid of pictures.

*Mark Glennon is founder of Wirepoints.

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The Center Square.

Gov. J.B. Pritzker doesn’t anticipate broad energy plan coming together during fall session.

By Greg Bishop.

October 8, 2019.

Platinum Goose

As you can see from this linked article from 1989 it’s an urgent situation


Let them do it so when Illinois fails with no one to pick them up or foot the bill the rest of America will see the new green deal is socialism all dressed up to look good the new green deal will drive them into dire poverty. Children don’t have enough experience or knowledge to discern facts from fiction. And they accept this new green deal based on a lie perpetrated by The left ,it’s as easy to as taking candy from a baby the left are brainwashing our children in schools so our taxes are paying for the left… Read more »


Brainwashed lunatics. Hey. Guess what. Chicago is broke

Hank Scorpio

Wow, divisive issue here on WP. I’m not against research and development into green energy — I’m against people who scream because they are told to scream. Whenever you yell “Somebody do something!!!”, the cure will be worse than the disease. And the fact that most of you screamers reject nuclear is proof that you are living in mental candyland. Personally I am more concerned about all the other crap that gets spewed out like mercury, benzene, etc. But everyone is freaking out because some co2 is going to melt some ice and reshape some beachfront property? Gime a f’n… Read more »


As Putin said, correctly, Greta Thunberg has no right to tell the rest of the world that they can’t live as Sweden does.


Don’t know how divisive I’d call it, though. The detractors in this section come off as the sort of paid shills that the left has been known to employ. Notice how all they do is name call in an effort to elicit an emotional response. At the very least, it’s evident that they haven’t visited this site before.


Wow. Your numbers have been debunked already and bringing an urban dictionary definition into the article, ugh. What could possibly be the harm of attempting not to destroy our planet by making changes now in our habits?

Jerald Weiss

Because its not rational… Why cant they give anyone answers on the initial costs and whether or not the price of electricity will rise?? Another agenda based on leftist lies and underhanded tactics… Wake up!!!

Eric Veltri

It’s clear from the tone of the article that the author is against any meaningful attempt to enact a green new deal. I don’t know much about the readership of wirepoints but it appears that most of the comments are from individuals who do not believe in the science that the scientific community is telling us regarding global warming and climate change. Well ppl next time you have a plumbing or electrical problem in your home and all the experts tell you you need to do something just put your head in the sand and see what happens.


We subscribe to real science which makes proper use of the scientific method. “Climate science” has turned that on its head by coming to the conclusion first then grasping at any data which can be (mis)used to prop up said conclusion. And don’t even get me started on the herd mentality which most modern practitioners succumb to. It’s been downhill ever since politics got its dirty claws into the sciences.

joe blow

global warming caused by CO2 (aka plant food) is nothing more than a government power grab. First off the correlations are total nonsense and still far from proven. Second, we should be polluting less and I think everyone is on board with that, but CO2 is not a pollutant, it is a necessary chemical compound for life. Turn off your propaganda for a few minutes and go do some digging… the articles and other nonsense going around these days are nothing more than alarmist garbage and do nothing to help.


Your stance on nuclear energy will tell me how serious you are about climate change.

Brent p

But we were supposed to all be dead now by the Nuclear winter that was to happen in 1980 if we didn’t change… oh wait, no, we were all supposed to be dying due to the giant hole in the Ozone… oh, wait again, we are all supposed to be living in water world due to the melting ice in the 90s… that’s right, none of those things ever happened….So you can’t blame people who have been around awhile and have been listening to chicken little for the last 50 years… it’s not their fault, they have been lied to… Read more »


Chicago is 99.99999% heated by natural gas, every house, every skyscraper, every factory that’s still dumb enough to manufacture here. Illinois has 11 nuclear plants supplying 88% of all the power. That infrastructure took over a hundred years to build out. The sun shines here 3 months out of the year. Sure it’s the Windy City, but will the progressive north shore liberals allow one million windmills messing up their view poking out of the lakebed of Lake Michigan. You’d need way more than a million windmills. Chicago can’t even replace leaded water mains. You expect this incompetent city works… Read more »




if it were up to me, I’d allow gas companies to drill the oil under lake michigan and force it to be sold in the state. That would do wonders for gasoline prices when the gas doesn’t have to travel very far.


Rick–the eco nutters in Bearkly Calf, (where only the rich can afford to live) are already banning natural gas. San Francisco Chronicle:Berkeley becomes first U.S. city to ban natural gas in new homes.


Yeah, and what manufacturer is going to come up instantly with the electric powered tractors and farm equipment to grow and harvest the grain (soy,corn,wheat) crops which sustain the economy of central and southern Illinois? These proposals must be thought through, and apparently since you have inexperienced children at the forefront, such things are not going to occur to them. Besides, electric farm equipment is going to be under powered and unable to get the job done any. I guess it won’t matter since without oil, there won’t be fertilizer anyway. You’re going to kill a enormous number of communities,… Read more »


You don’t understand. If the USA were to eliminate hydrocarbons as fuels, it would make most of the northern tier of the USA virtually uninhabitable. If the world were to do it, perhaps half or more of all humanity would perish. These fools have no idea just how much power is in a gallon of diesel fuel. They talk about math and science but quite literally show that they are mathematically illiterate and wouldn’t know a scientific concept if it landed on their heads. None of them have ever “done” science. But they write like chickens with heads cut off,… Read more »

Jack Alaska

Take the kids cellphones, stop driving them around and confiscate everything that has petroleum in its manufacturing. Make them learn to live up to their own retoritic !

Anita Rose

That is exactly how to fight back. Let them feel the consequences of what they are spewing out and supporting. Teach them critical thinking through actions. They are parroting the propaganda indoctrination. Sorry to say but they are ‘ useful idiots’ to the left ideology.


Progressives learn nothing and remember nothing.


Are they going to close all the airports?? Airplanes are very popular pollutants. For a state that is broke they dream absurdly. But then again with this new young peoples mentality I guess they plan on some one else that doesn’t live in that state to pay for this fiasco.


Air travel is for our betters, same as owning multiple mansions.

These leftist loons are just sock-puppets for the oligarchs who own it ALL.

Opponents of change to the ignorance that’s destroying our planet are assholes! My children will give you the bird on their own, because even children can see the evidence that the way we’ve been doing things must change. I’ve spent months scraping black liquid death off of southern beaches after the BP spill, now when we go fishing all you catch is a sunburn. The green new real isn’t even a plan yet, but it’s a collection of good ideas that’s evolving to be as smart as we can make the changes collectively. It’ll be easier than giving up whale… Read more »

Noel Baum

I’m sorry but the Green new deal is not about the climate. They even admitted this. We all keep forgetting that point. But…do we need to chance a few things as a human race. Yes. 0 carbon. As a country. Sure. In 50 years. NO NO NO. Maybe a hundred years. But thats 12 presidents. And entire new house and Senate. Top to bottom. All with the same goal. Look at what Congress was passing a 100 years ago. (By candle light) But before we even attempt it our self’s. It will be all for nothing if places like China… Read more »


Noel–if folks are so concrened as consumers the worlds going to come to and end they can simply stop consuming and be thrifty. The fallacy with most green deal nutters is they think if you go buy a $60,000 tesla or take out a loan for $30,000 worth of solar panels on there roof they’re fighting climate change. Which is a joke, if thats your philosophy. it makes no sense. Your just an elitist poser

And your solution is?


I live in Illinois – and moving to Iowa. Mass exit….next thing you know Illinois is building a wall!.


Remember; money has no meaning when you’re dead. We have to fix this thing or we will all die sooner than we thought we would. I you don’t believe in math and science, then I don’t believe in you.

Governor of Alderaan

Too bad ODgreen can’t find even one scientist to back up his insane claims


Gas and oil are finite resources. We’ll eventually have to switch to renewable alternatives. By switching, we fix our finite problem and do our part to fixing the climate crisis. We needed to gradually action over the last 30 years that didn’t happen but now it has to be an extreme shift. The vast majority of young people want this sort of evolution so it’s going to happen. This article was obviously written by a ignorant boomer who doesn’t understand what’s going on. Wake up America.


Yes, and the Climate Crisis will kill us all before we run out of fossil fuels if that’s our reason to ween off of it.

Governor of Alderaan

There is no crisis. Not even one scientist anywhere claims there is a crisis. When you use the term “crisis” you are announcing that you don’t believe in science and are a lying far left propagandist


(Bill, Bill psssst … it’s aN ignorant). There, now here’s something else to learn: in the 1970’s the climate crises was global cooling, the glaciers were coming and we were all going to die. Clearly you haven’t been around long enough to appreciate the irony. Ask Al Gore what percent of the armosphere is made up of greenhouse gases and see if you get a straight answer. It’s an enrichment/power scam for lemmings Bill, “wake up”.


They’re finite? Are you certain, or are you just repeating what you’re told?


Remember, Green is still the new Red. Even after the 20th century’s communist regimes piled tens of millions of their countrymen’s corpses into Great Pyramids to commemorate communism, dedicated followers of Marx still claimed that Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, etc. “just didn’t do it right.” They’re still dedicated to bringing the blessings of equal starvation to us all, and “Saving Mother Earth” is their current ploy.

You interact each and every day with profoundly ignorant, emotionally-driven people who, in prior epochs, would not have survived to reach reproductive adulthood.

victim of soviets

They actually don’t say that Stalin and Mao,ect did something wrong.

I hope things are not that messed up . Seems paranoia will never strike big w/ all the different forums of bullshit though

Lol from trying to help repair the damage of capitalistic greed to deadly communism lol what a retarded escalation of imagination! You must fellate Alex Jones wearing a tinfoil gimp mask! You are a moron if you don’t think we need to change the ignorant ways that are destroying our environment for profits. Adapt or die.


I sympathize with you. It must be excruciating to have someone bicep-deep, working you like a sock-puppet. As Al Gore if he’s done making bank on all these “green” schemes…


Someone intends to get rich(er) off this scam, and I guarantee that those who intend to do so are well aware of the impossibility of “eliminating” hydrocarbon fuels. We’re surrounded by people who lack even the tiniest notion of from where their nice lifestyles arise. They don’t realize that their pet schemes (or better, the schemes their puppet masters push) would return us all to a 16th century living standard, complete with child mortality in double-digit percents. We’ve lived too long in times of Plenitude. Our neighbors have lived too long secure in self-destructive fantasies. Sadly, nothing will teach them;… Read more »

In my historical research I came across writings of the supporters of the whale oil industry as we began switching to kerosene and crude. You sound exactly like those idiots!


Yes, there were newspaper headlines about how the world was running out of whale oil and would soon go dark.

I often wonder if there are cubicle-farms full of paid English Lit grads pounding out responses on websites like these, or if there really is this large an army of people who can’t tell when they’re being led around like rats to a pied piper.


The laws of thermodynamics and math be damned!


Bbbbbbut we didn’t think we’d actually stop being able to heat our homes in January if we supported all this….

The Climate Jihadists are either paid shills or people too ignorant of how the world works to be allowed to govern their own affairs.


Fascists Terrorists hide behind children!


Hitler used children quite effectively

No silly they hide behind Tiki Torches and voted for Trump!


If you are real, you may need to add RAM to your brain because Trump is taking up all your space inside your head. I actually pity you.

joe blow

haha using their own children to abuse themselves by providing them no future, classic

what is wrong with these people, yikes!


That is why I keep commenting the root cause of Illinois financial problems is liberalism. Go ahead and fix the pension crisis….next will be the energy cost crisis. The decision to leave becomes easier when you realize you can not fix the liberal voters.


I’m not even sure the liberal voters are even really liberals – they’re just Democrats. I know people who sound an awful lot like republicans when they shoot their mouth off but call them a republican and them be fighting words. Years ago I was in a resale shop and i was chatting it up with the owner. She made some comment about taxes being too high while running a business. I jokingly said “Welcome to the Republican Party” and she became offended and almost kicked me out of her store. I should have walked out but I’m a reasonable… Read more »


Human cognition is full of defects, and never more so than when the consequences are far removed from the precipitating actions. People today feel “free” to believe all kinds of stupid stuff, but if that “stuff” is popular (a popular fad or fashion) then it’s far easier for them to adopt such falsehood than to confront being “not part of the herd.” All of Leftism’s dogma is idiocy, self-destruction and intentional blindness to the obvious. This Green BS is just another brick in that wall.

How so Bubba? Have you even read the green new deal? If you have, what are you going on about? Do you do anything other than parrot the opinion of Fox news hosts? Have you ever had an original thought?


Go back to MSNBC, they’re missing one of their legions of village idiots.

Do you have any idea from where your standard of living arises? If you do, then why aren’t you camped out on the White House lawn demanding Trump stop all immigration, given that swelling the ranks of First World people will add so much to landfills, water pollution and all the “climate catastrophes” that mesmerize you?

Governor of Alderaan

I parrot the scientists who have proven that the criminally insane GND will murder between 4-5 billion people. The science is settled!

Yet now the party self castrated, and pulled their spines out of their collective asses trying to circle jerk the criminal in the White House and ignoring their oaths! No longer does the GOP stand for anything… The party died with McCain.


Troll harder. You blew your cover by invoking McCain. But hey, McCain Jr (Romney) is still around, so you’ve got him, at least.


Aaaaand we’re back to the political farce in Washington DC.

I thought Wirepoints did a good job sticking to the Criminal Three Ring Circus in Illinois politics. If you want to make this about national politics, why don’t you troll a different site?


Russian troll. Please ban

Platinum Goose

Jonathon isn’t it time for you to go back to trolling the Fox News site. What I find interesting is none of the liberal websites allow commenting.

Yet the worst places to live are red states…there is no conservative party anymore, it’s just the cult of Trump. My party died with McCain!


California is the worst place to live. Highest poverty rates in the country – higher than any red state.


Lemaire (whoever it is, it could be a bot) wants to make this a website where the national political farce is front page. He/she/it must be taking a break from camping out on Trump’s twitter feed.

I really don’t get it. I know these people exist somewhere, but I know for a fact that we should agree to a divorce before this all gets nasty. People who think the world is Post-Modern should live apart from those of us who think reality actually exists and doesn’t give a fig what we think.


Russian bot, he is a Russian Bot. Or a troll from Capitol Fax.


I have arrived at the same conclusion as DantheMan. Fix the pension system and they will just screw up Illinois finances again and we will be at square one.


Any green deal that doesn’t include nuclear is no deal.

At current times with current legislatures that may have to be true

Yeah because we don’t have near enough radioactive waste that takes hundreds of millions of years to clean up…SMH!

Hank Scorpio

There’s a good reason children aren’t allowed to vote. These idiots need a lesson in base-load. And their moron parents are bunch of Helen Lovejoys.


This brings up a good point. SOme year’s ago the voting age and the drinking age were lowered to the age of 18. The thinking at the time was that an 18 year old could be drafted and sent to Vietnam as perhaps be killed yet could not vote. Today there is no ore draft and quite frankly to me the young fresh faces I see on campus today are quite different than the youth of yesterday. Politicians know how to influence that group that are highly idealistic and highly impressionable. Sometimes I wonder if, like the drinking laws, a… Read more »


Weren’t the kids and thier handlers protesting on a school day during school hours?

Governor or Alderaan

Pedophastry= child abuse