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Platinum Goose
7 days ago

Let me guess these funds will be directed to “community organizations”. That will have a big impact, do these organizations get audited. How about no money goes to any organization that doesn’t do an annual audit, that should eliminate all of them.

7 days ago

Great idea actually. The Cook county thugs will kill each other off as well as the voters that have voted the current political mess as well. Cook County and its population will disappear solving a lot of the problems in this state

7 days ago

meanwhile the county supervisors will get armed guards…paid for, you guessed it, by the taxpayers….what a crime they are committing against the peaceful residents who will now will see violence and crime escalate even more to fulfill this leftist pipe dream….time to move out of chicago folks ! (and IL for that matter).

Mick the Tick
7 days ago

Good news …….. for criminals

7 days ago

Shameful how Cook County suburbs will be affected by this small group of pro BLM Marxists. Another good reason suburbs should be their own county.

7 days ago
Reply to  Llana

They voted for it. Coming next to collar counties unless suburban wives wake tf up and start voting red.

Illinois Entrepreneur
7 days ago
Reply to  chumpchange

Exactly. Suburban “wine moms” who are disgusted with Trump need to get over it and realize that they will eventually get eaten by the BLM Marxists and Antifa fascists.

Their virtue signaling needs to stop and they need to get real.

7 days ago

Federal Funds to Cook County for Law Enforcement Needs to be eliminated!
NO taxpayer funds for these Kings and Queens private security.