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Old Spartan
7 days ago

What a buffoon. And sad to see that the overwhelming majority of folks standing in line are minorities. but hard to have sympathy for them– since they overwhelmingly voted to put incompetents like this in office. Just another example of people getting what they deserve when they vote the way they do.

7 days ago

Just another Chicago Democrat official who is incompetent. Yet, people continue to vote for these fools. Would be good to compare to how the Wayne County/ Detroit courts are being managed – that is the proper benchmark for Cook/ Chicago.

8 days ago

Where’s any of the blm/ woke hypocrites protesting against the absolute flop of city, county & state gov services. From incomptetent life long-career gooles hacks like brown & evens, to the complete disaster at ides & idph that effect poor folks of color as well as all.

8 days ago

Dorothy Brown is the biggest tool on the planet. Savages always play the race card when they have nothing left to argue.

Tom Paine's Ghost
8 days ago

Why is Dorothy “goat meat” Brown – who is even more corrupt than Mike Madigan – not in prison? She had been the subject of many FBI investigations yet she is still in office? Is the FBI that incompetent? And where is that Justice Superhero Kwaumie Raoul?

8 days ago

More corrupt than Madigan, she will be the one who takes his place.

True believer
7 days ago

She is not in prison because the fbi and RINO Lausch and other incompetent Obama us attorneys screwed up the case. Why hasn’t Madigan been indicted? Because Lausch will wait until Biden and his BLM chosen vp get in and the whole matter goes away do Madigan and Burke.

8 days ago

Here’s the five minute video posted today on the WGN News Youtube channel:

WGN reporter Ben Bradley (white) interviews Cook County Circuit Court Clerk Dorothy Brown (Black), who is not a candidate for re-election.

Democrat Iris Martinez (currently a State Senator) will face Republican Barbara Ruth Bellar in the November 3, 2020 general election.

8 days ago
Reply to  Mike

Corruption talking.

8 days ago

Race card bs. Try again.

Hank Scorpio
8 days ago
Reply to  Fur

No point. The entire 52 card deck is made up of race cards.

8 days ago
Reply to  Hank Scorpio

Yeah the Barr testimony on Tuesday is a prime example of all these card carrying agitators.

8 days ago

Cook County Government. The biggest social program in the state. Every job is a patronage job. What a waste of space, time and effort she is…but after 20 years of wasting tax payer dollars, she now gets to retire. Another waste of money.

6 days ago
Reply to  Daskoterzar

This is a reflection of just how expensive the Blue patronage model in cities like Chicago is – inefficient – incompetent – and corrupt. This is also why illegal immigration is so expensive – these folks require a lot of services (I get it, we don’t want people destitute) – and under the Blue patronage model those services are really expensive. This of course cannot be stated often as it is poliitcally incorrect. But the financial numbers don’t work in Chicago and Illinois, and the demographic elements are not in their favor either.