The number of patients hospitalized for COVID-19 in Illinois has dropped below 4,000 and is now lower than April 9. Hospitalizations reached their highest point on April 28, totaling 5,036.

The hospitalization number arguably is the most important and current indicator since it shows how many infections have resulted in serious sickness. A chart of daily numbers is below. Daily, new hospitalizations would provide a more current read though those numbers are not published by the state.

Deaths obviously are the most important numbers though they lag the track of the virus because the time to death is as much as three weeks. That chart is below:

Be aware that the virus could surge again. Fortunately, our hospitals weathered the first surge and now have excess capacity.

More importantly, be mindful that a peak does not mean appropriate precautions by individuals should slip. Risks to particular categories of Illinoisans remain high, which we have written about often.

See here for more data we compile daily. And click on our COVID-19 impact page for Wirepoints’ coverage of the crisis.

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Richard Poo Millersky
4 days ago

State Senator Kimberly Lightford believes COVID-19 is man made, but can’t prove it. 😑😮

4 days ago

Good to hear that Covid appears to have peaked and since lawmakers are back in session higher TAX’S are on the horizon and will never peak because the sky’s the limit and there is no vaccine for that. No bending the curve on tax’s.