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Kimberly Jones is a trustee of Maine Township, Illinois. Because her comment about us at Wirepoints, made at an open board meeting, is pretty representative of what we hear from those who don’t like us, let me respond to her and her kind.

At a township board meeting last month, she said, “”Wirepoints is not a legitimate newspaper and is a political propaganda paper, not something that should be brought up in a governmental body.” (1:14 mark.)

She was responding to a particular Wirepoints article from February by my colleague Ted Dabrowski highlighting how much taxes had increased and how little private sector incomes had risen in the township.

Her “argument” is really just a variation of “arguments” all too common. They’re usually comprised of little more than ad hominems, and some way to muzzle us is often the hope.

Ms. Jones, you can start by going through our article to see that all our data came from credible, official sources. Which ones were wrong? What evidence do you have to the contrary?

We spend extraordinary amounts of time trying to get our facts and numbers right. We use original sources and link to them whenever possible. We routinely publish opinions and analyses we don’t agree with.

Our work has been cited approvingly in Barron’s, the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes and many other publications.

If we get something wrong we correct it, though I’m proud to say we’ve published nothing with a material error I know of in the five years we’ve been around, despite the complexity of what we cover.

As for us being political, all of us at Wirepoints forego any campaign activity and political support, but if being fiscal realists is political, so be it. We wear that on our sleeves. We make no effort to hide our contempt for politicians, both Democrats and Republicans like you, who stand against reforms needed to restore Illinois and its municipalities to financial stability.

Above all else, we believe in freedom of expression and the marketplace of ideas, especially in government forums like your board meeting at which you think our research should be suppressed.

So, to you and others who offer nothing beyond name-calling, put up or shut up.

And as for any call for us to be banned from township meetings or anywhere else, drop dead.

Mark Glennon is founder and executive editor of Wirepoints.


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S and P 500

Everybody is following the Trump reality show but nobody has a clue about the mess at their state and local governments. Check out this editorial by a completely clueless millennial.


For over a decade before I decided to run for public office I attend my city council meetings, park distinct meetings, township meetings, and county board meetings (when I could make those). I often spoke at those meetings, to give the voice of the taxpayer I was usually about the only person in attendance besides the reporters who usually refused to report on what was said. For a decade I was often derided and made sport of by the public officials. I took it as a badge of honor; you should too. I truly wish the folks at Wirepoints luck… Read more »


As with anyone coming in questioning governance and financial stewardship, you’re going to face an uphill battle with any governing body. But you have another big obstacle: Ralph Martire. You see, Ralph and his CTBA have a 15 year head start on you. Martire has been travelling the Illinois countryside for years – from city finance meeting to school district to township to retiree shindig to county farm bureau meeting (yep) to fire fighter conference (double yep) – peddling basically the same damn PowerPoint presentation from 2002 with one overriding theme: The big bad state is your enemy. Illinois doesn’t… Read more »


martire also wttw go to guy. why, whenever there’s a pension /debit story they always trot out martire on –chicago tonight?

Eileen A. Ellis

I’m a supporter of your research. I appreciate what you do and how you make it accessible to people from all walks of life.

My only criticism, for what it’s worth, is the “drop dead” comment. Maybe “in your dreams” or “see you at the next one”, etc. “Drop dead” feels like it’s in the same vain of their name-calling.

Illinois Entrepreneur

Outstanding column, Mark. These Illinois politicians are obnoxious in their ignorance and their sheep mentality against new ideas that might offend one of their special interest groups.

I’m extremely pleased with your work and that you keep it objective. You are a service to our community, whereas most Illinois politicians couldn’t understand a balance sheet, let alone effectively run government.

I have communicated with some of Illinois’ pols, and my personal experience is that we truly are scraping the bottom of the barrel. Keep at them, and I second your motion for all them to drop dead.

Illinois politicians are living in a dream world when it comes to credit markets. It’s pretty clear to me that they don’t understand them very well.


Bravo! Thanks to Kimberly Jones and hordes of politicians Democrat and Republican — and those who vote for them and won’t hold them accountable– the end of Illinois as a functioning government and state is near. Hope she is proud. Wirepoints is doing the work that the MSM hasn’t done in decades.