A note from the Chicago Tribune: A referendum on the Nov. 3 ballot will ask Illinois voters if they want to amend the state constitution to allow for a graduated-rate income tax system in which higher incomes can be taxed at a greater percentage than lower incomes. Tribune columnist Eric Zorn and Austin Berg, Illinois Policy Institute marketing vice president, debated the issue recently on the Mincing Rascals podcast, where they are both regular panelists. Here are their opening statements:

Pro: Call it ‘fair’ or ‘foul,’ the graduated-rate amendment will make for a better income tax, by Eric Zorn

Con: A vote for the graduated income tax would give too much power to Springfield, by Austin Berg

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Tim Meyer
3 months ago

Illinois already has one of the highest regressive tax burdens in the country
This impacts lower income citizens unfairly Freeing the Governor to raise income tax rates which he will do will further burden citizens. Democrats have been screwing them for years IT HAS TO STOP NOW!! Demand a constitutional amendment to fix the pension disaster