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4 days ago

these two are useless.

4 days ago

This article is ‘fake’ – you cannot put more ethanol into fuel for internal combustion engines w/ o damaging the engines. We found this out the hard way with small 2 cycle engines – ethanol destroyed them. Now most smart people have to buy canned ‘pure’ gasoline for their small engines. 40% of the corn crop goes for ethanol – it’s not needed, particularly as EV become more prominent. The Democrats are pushing a lie – just pay farmers to do nothing, that would be better.

Last edited 4 days ago by NoHope4Illinois
I'm not a Senator's Son
5 days ago

Another bad idea. Even engineers from the University of Illinois demand that biofuels be eliminated and allow Corn and Soy to be used for food products. We have earth fuels (they are not “fossil” fuels) and we never will need to burn our corn for fuel.
This is all B.S.

5 days ago

Biofuels are a waste. Total graft subsidy for crony capitalists.