Ted was on Univision on Sunday, September 27 warning Illinoisans about the negative impacts of tax hikes like the progressive income tax.

Read about Wirepoints’ comprehensive solution to Illinois’ pension crisis here:

Read more on the progressive tax here:


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Juicy Smollier
25 days ago

Que bueno Ted, ahora a convencerle al “pueblo” que no reclamen a los productos de los demas …. desafortunadamente, el pueblo “hispano” normalmente vota para los marxistas, aunque han destruido a sus paises natales. What a joke

26 days ago

Who was the opposing debater and what organization was she with?

26 days ago
Reply to  Mike

Graciela Guzman, with Healthy Illinois. https://healthyillinoiscampaign.org

Kenneth Zimmerman
28 days ago

No babbla whatever he said.

Tom Paine's Ghost
28 days ago

Ted can hablo espanol?

28 days ago

His mom was born in Ecuador and his dad in Poland.

Poor Taxpayer
27 days ago
Reply to  Mark Glennon

He will fit easily into South Florida speaking Spanish.