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I got to know Scott quite well some years ago when we were law partners and worked together often on venture capital and corporate stuff. Here’s what I can assure you: He’s relentless, financially savvy and the the hardest working guy I’ve ever known. And he hates — I mean truly hates — government like Chicago has.

A number of stories today describe his trip to Chicago to lure businesses to the Sunshine State. To date, he has stayed away from Illinois, I presume in deference to a fellow Republican governor. No longer. That’s bad news for us.

Elsewhere, Scott has focused on financial firms. I’m sure he’s very effective with them because he talks their language and knows their business. One of his successes was luring hedge fund manager David Tepper from New Jersey to Florida last year. His departure to Florida alone could cost New Jersey about $100 million annually in tax revenue, though the exact number is hard to know. The financial sector is a golden goose in Chicago. It would be catastrophic if those firms start leaving.

Mark Glennon is founder of WirePoints. Opinions expressed are his own.