Mark was on with Mike Flannery of Fox 32 Chicago last week discussing why reforms are needed in Illinois, not a progressive income tax.

Interview starts at 7:50

Read about Wirepoints’ comprehensive solution to Illinois’ pension crisis here:

Read more on the progressive tax here:

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Poor Taxpayer
23 days ago

I can’t talk about COLA, because I just drank it.

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29 days ago

Flannery is a partisan. I know people turn the channel when he is on.

29 days ago

If the system was smoothed out to function effectively – there would be no way left to ‘fringe’ it.

29 days ago

Fritz Kaegi mentioned that there may be a Covid adjustment on certain properties. Will that mean if your income dropped due to a job loss that the market value of your home may be partially be determined by income and not comparable sales? Covid is a virus that causes medical problems so why not include hypertension /obesity and diabetes as a reason to lower my assessment. I can see if someone dropped a 20 megaton nuke on the city that the ensuing fireball and radiation may reduce property values a tad but Covid?? I do like the idea that property… Read more »

28 days ago
Reply to  Freddy

Tax Assessor must assess the property, not the owner. Real Property is to be assessed at fair market value and with uniformity. If society wishes to convey preferential treatment to a certain class of owner, exemptions may be granted ( such as homestead, senior, and veterans exemptions). COVID-19 might arguably cause lower assessment values under the theories of economic or functional obsolescence, for example commercial office properties assumed to be adversely affected by shift to remote workers. Also, commercial properties are typically assessed according to the amount of rental income they may generate, so bars and restaurants would have fallen… Read more »

29 days ago

It’s going to require a constitutional amendment to change the pension clause in IL. DUH! It’s also going to take a constitutional amendment to change the taxing structure too. Which amendment will bring us the best outcome??? The COVID costs to our state will cause the GA to expand any new taxing structure to include middle and lower middle income & the taxing of pensions sooner than the Governor and our politicians are leading you to believe. No one will be safe from the “fair tax” because they can tinker with it’s structure at will without ever having to go… Read more »

Moving out
29 days ago

I think the best thing is to give the citizens of Illinois exactly what they have voted for good and hard…

1 month ago

“How dare you Mark… suggest cutting County employees and pensions?”

The gentleman, with no tie, handing out groceries in East Garfield at over $80k per year, is none other than Mike’s son, Patrick Flannery.

Furthermore, Mark Brown’s wife Hanke G. Is over 120k a year @ Cook County Sheriff’s Office was not available ble that day.

1 month ago

The public sector workers have not worked their entire career for their pensions. That is because the benefits at the beginning of their full “career” are in almost all cases vastly less than the benefits at the end of their Tier 1 “career” “Career” because it is typically 30 – 35 years worked or so for a full “career” (depends on the pension fund, and that itself was in many cases one of the benefit hikes). The benefits were hiked, the salaries were hiked, the pension funding was diverted to salary hikes. The taxpayers were duped. One of the biggest… Read more »

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Poor Taxpayer
1 month ago

Cut Spending? You have a better chance of getting hit by a meteorite tonight after winning the Powerball lottery.
Pensions will be up 3%
Social Security’s 2021 COLA is expected to come in at 1.3% or 1.4%.
That is what I call Fair.

Juicy Smollier
29 days ago
Reply to  Poor Taxpayer

That 3% was decided on 20 years ago before the government realized deflation would be coming – back then inflation was on the scale of 5% (CPI). Of course, the problem is always that the taxpayer never had an advocate. But look on the bright side, they are accelerating d-day. I’ll be out of IL before it happens, likely. And taking my tier 2 forced savings with me! Hahaha, another loss of pension ponzi for the pension plans! I’ll see you all in Florida! LOL

27 days ago
Reply to  Poor Taxpayer

Tier 2 pensions do not keep up with inflation. The COLA is only one-half of the CPI. SERS Tier 2 pensions have lose 8.25% of value from 2012 to 2020. The SERS website is transparent on this fact.