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Poor Taxpayer
7 days ago

The drug business is Chicago’s largest employer right now.
No businesses will invest any money in Illinois anymore.
Huge taxes have destroyed most opportunities for the honest hard working taxpayer and their families.
Move a business into Illinois and right away you are in debt to the Government to pay for Multi-Million dollar pensions that you had nothing to do with. Most every other state looks much better to do business in.

The True believer
7 days ago

I love Garfield Park in the dark.

The True believer
8 days ago

Contact Antifa and the domestic terrorist Marxist blm organization who you all support to take care of your problems. Yiu hate the police Siri go take care of the drug market yourselves with social workers and community activists.

9 days ago

When the politicians neuter the cops guess what happens. The results are evident. Over 600 murders and almost 3300 people shot in 2020 in Chicago. Lightfoot, Foxx, Preckwinkle and a majority of the city council want to defund the CPD and are trying to fire or indict every cop they can to appease the voting base (guess who they are). Welcome to the war zone, thank you politicians.

10 days ago

But BLM amirite?

10 days ago

The Chicago Police Department isn’t allowed to police anymore. CPD can’t assist you, Siri Hibbler. Try contacting the many governmental, societal, community and fraternal Black groups instead. 😐

Last edited 10 days ago by Eddie