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Barbara Costas
6 days ago

The writers basically claim that safe streets in the suburbs are a form of “white privilege”. As Sam Jacobs writes in his must read article titled “War on the Suburbs: How HUD’s Housing Policies Became a Weapon for Social Change” “Once the suburbs are branded as racist, it then becomes a matter of public policy to attack them and dismantle them as communities. That is what is behind the attack on the suburbs in general, but single-family housing units in particular.” Biden’s Unity Plan proposes big changes for home owners. This issue is not getting the attention it needs;… Read more »

Barbara Costas
6 days ago
Reply to  Barbara Costas

excellent discussion of this on last Sunday’s Mark Levin with Stanley Kurtz

Jeanne Ives, here is a very relevant topic for you to address as you bid for suburban womens’ votes in the upcoming Nov. election against progressive nightmare Sean Casten.

Last edited 6 days ago by Barbara Costas
7 days ago

Up until now, I had no idea Soros was Jewish. Just thought of him as an Eastern European tycoon. The “invisible hand” I see is an off-shore billionaire inserting himself into local politics through numerous intermediaries. Isn’t that the true story here?

What Pawar and others has done is “Dorothy Browned” political dissent. Identifying government ineptness or suspicious political contributions is now labeled as “unconscious racism”. They want to conceal the truth but are upset we won’t let them.

Truth teller
7 days ago

the guy who wrote this is actually on The Soros payroll. It would be the same as Joseph Goebbels writing a column defending Hitler. How does this get published?

5 days ago
Reply to  Truth teller

Complicit media doing the bidding of their masters.