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21 days ago

The rating agencies need to be class action sued. They manipulate the very things they rate, they enable the Ponzi scheme and they make a market trading in the misery of Illinois taxpayers. None of this ends until both the actuaries and raters are held responsible for colluding with Illinois politicians, ignoring Wirepoints, Illinois Policy, basically ignoring 5th grade arithmetic. You watch, it still wont hit junk, the powers that write the paycheck of the raters and the actuaries basically stipulates that they shouldn’t think, just be stupid rubber stamps, we’ll cover for you. Actuaries suck and so do bond… Read more »

23 days ago

How long have we heard that without the tax referendum Illinois bonds would be rated as junk? Well the tax failed and now we hear this. I blame the rating companies to a degree on this one. Call it junk asnd lets get on with fixing the eventual mess once and for all.

23 days ago

The governor has a lot of junk in his trunk.

Governor of Alderaan
23 days ago

If Illinois bonds are trading like junk, they’re junk