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11 days ago

Can we polish her halo?

The Kingfish
13 days ago

Its all smoke and mirrors to support their agenda.

13 days ago

No surprise that nurses and doctors are scarce, when Illinois has shown them nothing but contempt. Why should nurses and doctors put themselves and their families at further risk to extend life expectancy of public benefit entitlement recipients and those who vote for them? Illinois has declared in no uncertain terms that it places no value on nurses and doctors, at least not relative to public school teachers and administrators. Medical professionals already pay dearly for public benefits entitlement recipients in state income taxes and especially property taxes as well as enormous lost home value due to property tax rate… Read more »

11 days ago
Reply to  Susan

A teacher or their union representative would rationalize that they deserve to retire at 55/58 while nurses retire ten years later because teaching nine months a year is much more demanding than nursing.

Additionally, they see nothing amoral in requiring nurses who cannot provide sufficiently for their own retirements to be required to finance educators’ eventual six figure compounding pensions.

Compared to teachers, those in the medical field are second class citizens in Illinois and that’s the way the unions are going to keep it.

11 days ago
Reply to  Flash413

Nurses have a union as well.. Would you want a nurse working on you when they are in their 60’s? I would think no. Older teachers cannot retire until 35 years of service so your numbers are off. As a matter of fact teachers for the last 10 years now have to work until 65. Know your facts and don’t be a hatter. Teachers pay over 9% of their salaries towards retirement. It comes from their checks and NOT paid by the district. How much do you put away for your retirement?

The Truth Hurts
11 days ago
Reply to  Jeff

Actually Jeff, teachers hired after 2010 (tier 2) do not reach full retirement age until 67. They would take a 12% cut to their pension if they retired at 65.

Nothing prevents nurses from getting a pension. They just need to choose an employer who offers one. Nurses that work at the Hines VA come to mind. Average salary of 78k per year plus a pension and SS.

10 days ago
Reply to  Jeff

This is BS. 80 year old retired teachers make more in one year of retirement than they did in the first ten years of teaching. And you are saying 9% pay in pays for their pension? Lol. Only if they worked a hundred years

13 days ago

Silver lining – Hospitals will use this as an excuse to hire more foreign Doctors, Nurses, support staff, etc. The ‘Karens’ of healthcare will now get a good dose of reality of their myopic thinking.