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Ted was on The Chicago Way with John Kass and Jeff Carlin talking with them about the Chicago teachers contract fight and what it means for ordinary Chicagoans. Ted explained that it’s Chicago politicians who are to blame for the Chicago Teachers Union’s militancy.

When the union strikes, when its leadership throws a tantrum, politicians don’t stand firm. They appease and enable the union, instead.

Some highlights from the interview:

“Chicago teachers already have some of the highest salaries, so what the CTU is looking for is incredible, but why is it happening? Because the bigger problem is that our politicians have enabled them. What that means is, the union strikes, it throws a tantrum, and what do politicians do? They appease them.”

“I liken this a lot to “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” and Veruca Salt, the little girl who wanted everything. “Daddy, Daddy, I want this I want that” and he immediately would pull out his checkbook and buy it for her. That’s enabling. So was she the problem, or was he the problem? Most adults would look at the dad and say he’s the problem, he’s the enabler.”

“Our laws enable CTU to bargain like they do. The laws enable CTU to strike. The laws allow them to argue over things like how much free time kids get in class. It’s gone too far. So it we really want to point the fingers it’s the politicians who give in, who benefit and who work with the CTU hand in hand.”

Click to listen (interview begins at 7:25)

Read more about the contract fight between Lightfoot and the CTU:

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Most states don’t allow teachers to strike.
Close 50 schools, offer vouchers, if that doesn’t work time for bankruptcy and fix the contract.
Set the retirements to the funded rate and a 401 from then on, MATCH at best.


Are you literally insane or just paid to be duplicitous?

Who, or do you generically direct that at all who disagree with you?

Joe Hillstrom

Fred Klonsky, Satchell Paige and Yogi Berra could not have asked it better.

H. Emily

Just a thought but why not actually interview people who work in Chicago Public Schools or go to Chicago Public Schools or send their kids to Chicago Public Schools rather than people like Dabrowski, who are paid to spread conservative misinformation?


Point out the misinformation and I’m sure Ted will remove it from the article.

H. Emily

First of all he’s presenting opinions as facts, which is on its face dishonest. it’s also bad rhetorical practice.


No, he’s giving his opinion. You just happen to disagree with it.

H. Emily

So we agree nothing in this is remotely a fact.


See, now you’re putting words in my mouth. Though if you want some facts, how about the fact that Chicago can’t afford what the teachers are demanding do to years of mismanagement. Or that CTU teachers make a lot more than those downstate, yet it’s never enough.

Chase Gioberti

I have yet to see a single fact that you have presented on this site.

This is the problem with teachers. It is why they rank in the bottom third at universities.


I sometimes wonder if these sorts if teachers have a psychological block going. Like, they’re so accustomed to a room full of kids listening to them and accepting what they say as gospel that they forget that adults often think for themselves.

Chase Gioberti

And that most adults are more intelligent than these university bottom feeders.

Tom Paine's Ghost

Hey Emily. My kid goes to Chicago Public Schools so apparently in your mind that makes mine a relevant opinion so here’s a fact: If Illinois had school vouchers my son would go to a private school for a superior education. Here’s some more facts: CTU members are vastly overpaid thieves, The union should be busted, all CTU teachers tossed to the curb and the competent teachers rehired at much lower wages. Here’s another fact: Illinois politicians are paid vast sums of bribery money by public sector unions like CTU, AFSCME and SEIU. In exchange, these public sector unions are… Read more »

Joe Hillstrom

Comments from people like Emily, when publicized, help erode whatever public support that teachers have left. Wirepoints has long recognized the situation as one where politics rather than law or public policy determine the outcome. Once respect and sympathy for teachers has been burned, they’ll be out in the cold. Even when retired in Florida! So thanks, Emily, and all the Klonskys and their stalking horses. If you need a friend in Springfield, get a dog. The politicians who created this mess will be heading for the hills after H.D. hits the pavement. Even Elizabeth Warren’s love for teachers won’t… Read more »

Emily, Dabrowski is paid? That’s news to me. Keep making stuff up and I’m sure you’ll come up with something right.


I think it’s unintentional projection on Emily’s part. He/she is aware that the left employs paid shills in comments sections and likely assumes that everyone must do it.

Bob Out Of Here

Unlike CapitalFax Mark does not delete posts when they disagree with his point of view.


H. Emily – tell us why Ted is wrong, and how the negotiations should proceed, especially in the context of a very large deficit, a CPS junk bond rating, and a well documented record of declining attendance, which matters financially and gives no sign of letting up. And comment on the public policy implications of letting teachers strike, as most stated do not permit it. Otherwise you offer no compelling reason to listen to your narrative.


Join the discussion…There was a narrative from her?