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“We demand that J.B. Pritzker, the Democratic candidate for governor of Illinois, pay his organizing fellows,” says a petition circulated by a group called the Campaign Workers Guild.

It goes on:

As the pro-labor candidate in this race, it just doesn’t add up that J.B. doesn’t pay his student workers. Even Republican Governor Bruce Rauner, J.B.’s opponent and one of the most anti-union governors in the country, pays his interns…. We demand that J.B. uphold his campaign’s values by paying his fellows a fair wage of $15 an hour.

A $15/hour minimum wage is indeed a core item Pritzker campaigns on.

Hypocrisy on this topic is rampant. Another example is Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky (D-Chicago), shown on the right. She’s a leading champion of the “Fight for $15.”

Campaign workers, as we wrote before, provide a good illustration of the flaws in a high minimum wage.

“For thee but not for me.” The motto for the righteously anointed.

Mark Glennon is founder and executive editor of Wirepoints.

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George Kocan

Democrats wear hypocrisy as a badge of honor.


If it weren’t for double standards the Democrats and Left would have no standards at all.


THIS. IS. PRICELESS. Daddy Wavebucks cannibalized by his own. It was only a matter of time.