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Governor of Alderaan
2 months ago

If tourism is so important you’d think Lori would be more worried about crime, taxes, and the high cost of greedy unions

Mike Williams
2 months ago

Being worried about a potential budget shortfall is a sign of intelligence. It causes a person to prepare for that eventuality. Lighthead however isn’t worried. Chicago, you sure can pick em!

2 months ago

And now with Trump’s victory in the court’s to stop sanctuary city funding…have plenty of popcorn cause this is going to be a show worth watching.

Truth In Cook County
2 months ago

Maybe they should reducing parking taxes and restaurant taxes. If they did, maybe suburbanites would consider dining in the city again. Oh wait ….

2 months ago

The greed of the dems will break the state. But what you pay the chicago machine,in union dues, Taxes and bribes and instead of fixing the state,, It is all about gas weed eaters,Service dogs that are not real,Tax drinks and pols that tax you on their way to prison.A person is a serf in illinois.That is all you are! So stay and play like you can not leave.