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Remember the Pulse nightclub shooting? That happened on Obama’s watch, and the FBI was warned ahead of time. But thanks to Mr. Obama’s rhetoric of not wanting to appear “anti Islamic”, the feds overlooked the warnings. Funny how the door can swing both ways, mayor.

Chase Gioberti

And, the perp’s father appeared at several Obama rallies and was a big Obama supporter.

Just like the Dayton shooter is a Warren supporter.

Chase Gioberti

I blame Lightfoot, 100% responsibility, for the nearly 70 shootings this weekend. Her anti police rhetoric gives a signal to the natives that they get a free pass to do whatever they wish and shoot whomever they wish.


I believe there was a talking points memo about this to all Dem leaders over the weekend – blame Trump for the killings. Doesn’t matter that the Dayton shooter was a Trump hating socialist. Or that the El Paso shooter specifically said that he wasn’t a white nationalist but that he just hated Mexicans and he said that he hated both political parties. The talking points memo said to blame Trump and that’s it.

Bob Out of here

Dayton shooter was an Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders supporter who supported Antifa and advocated for socialism and communism. This isn’t Trump’s fault, it’s clearly Bernie and Pocahontas who are to blame.

Platinum Goose

Dayton shooter’s social media account showed him as a Warren supporter, that account was pulled. Hard to find out anything with a google search unless you’re looking for NYTimes articles that support the white nationalist reason.


There’s also rumors that the El Paso shooter’s manifesto wasn’t posted until after the shooting. Of course, the site it was posted on is now down…


Yeah, one guy from cloudfire becomes the arbiter of what websites live and what websites die. And he claims that he doesn’t like making decisions, but he still goes out there and gives plenty of interviews about his decisions!


I see the media is already calling 8chan a “far right website”. For those who don’t know, 8chan is an image board site where anyone can make a board. There were boards dedicated to every political ideology you could think of. Of course, facts get in the way of narrative.

EDIT: looks like the manifesto was posted to Instagram first.