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8 days ago

Democracy is under siege because she wants to be solo ruler.

8 days ago

Who do you think you are fooling…of course it is and we know who you listen to.

Just another sofa politician
8 days ago

I think it’s great that Lori is acknowledging that we need to listen to one another but, she needs to lead by example as well! she is the first in line to attack anyone who has a different opinion or thought from hers, as well as refusing to accept any help to better a horrible situation that is happening within her city!

8 days ago

Ms Lightfoot seems to live in an alternate universe.

True believer
8 days ago

Loris illiterate constituents do the most screaming and refuse to follow the rules. She continues to support the domestic terrorists like Antifa and BLM under the guise of the systemic racism fantasy.

Governor of Alderaan
8 days ago

The biggest threat to democracy is the fact that the Democrats are nothing but a violent gang of intolerant fascists

8 days ago

You can pretty much count on reality being the opposite of whatever the democraps say.

Old Spartan
9 days ago

“respectful engagement democracy”– what a two bit phony . She must have forgot saying “F– you” to the president of the United States. How about her trash filled response to Alderman Lopez on the now famous leaked tape.. How abut telling people to “shut your mouth”. Her handling of almost every major issue in Chicago proves her incompetence, and ridiculous statements like this show that in addition she is a laughable hypocrite.