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Jay P.

I’ve visited Kansas City and Cleveland for the first time this summer and Midway is far superior for traveler amenities.


Yup those are not great aorportst. These airport raters were dead wrong on midway. Sure midway lacks all amenities before you go through security, but after that its fine. The ease of moving through should be first proority not food courts. The combination of southwest airlines and midways simplicity can get me in and out of a lot of Midwest cities fast enough to sleep in my own bed, that is a golden amenity.


Leave it alone, it’s a great airport, my favorite to fly out of. I can be on a flight, work, then back home by evening. Ohare is a nightmare to get through. I prefer small fast airports. I remember when you could get dropped off at the front door and even park in the front lot, and walk right on your plane practically.


IIRC Midway is basically southwest’s airport. It’s almost entirely southwest flights. you know, the cheapie travelers who buy the cheapest ticket and fly on the cheapest airline are complaining about lack of places to eat in the airport.


My favorite airline by far.