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Check out the great display of state population trends in the Washington Post article linked here.

It makes the point that the big population losers have been two states heavily dependent on coal — Wyoming and West Virginia — but it sure paints the picture nicely about Illinois. Except for those two coal states, Illinois is the biggest loser, both in the most recent year and since the 1980s. (But don’t blame Illinois’ current problems on the loss of coal jobs. The industry hasn’t employed more than 5,700 people in over 20 years and it lost only about 2,000 jobs in those twenty years.)

First is the Post’s display of Census data for changes from 2016 to 2017. The black bar in the middle is the key, overall change:

Second is the Post’s look at the very long term data. Note again that Illinois is at the bottom, except for those coal states, especially since the 1980s:

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