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Mick the Tick
6 days ago

Don’t live in Illinois anymore. Don’t care.

6 days ago

Now we have a rogue mayor saying not so fast. Will JB apply any pressure on Lori Bigfoot?

6 days ago

WHO do you trust more? *JP* Morgan or *JB* Pritzger? I trust JP more than JB. This JP Morgan study says that the scientific models – the ones JB claims to have used – were flawed and the data does not support his extreme shutodwns. In fact, reading the entire article says that locking down may even be responsible for additional deaths! OUCH!!! JB LIED, IL RESIDENTS DIED! JB relied on junk science and bad data, and continues to do so, in his quest to destroy IL. HE WILL NEVER ADMIT HE WAS WRONG. ******”Kolanovic said governments had been… Read more »

Bob Out of Here
6 days ago
Reply to  debtsor

According to a Tweet I got the other day from Amy Jacobsen, Jumbo Belly has already launched an exploratory committee for a 2024 presidential run. So everything he does has to be viewed in that context. Is it good public policy/science, or is it good for getting elected President?