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Illinois Entrepreneur
6 months ago

There is one very easy way to kill the red light cameras without having to do anything directly to the program. Simply make right turns on red a YIELD instead of coming to a full stop. I saw a stat a couple years back that the vast majority of tickets are these (over 80%). They know it, too, and will fight to the death to keep that law from hitting the books. Even if you come to a very slow roll at 2mph, you will get a ticket. It’s a ridiculous application of no common sense, but that’s how they… Read more »

Bob Out of Here
6 months ago

Best way of removing the appearance of it being a conflict of interest would be for the city to give all the proceeds to Make A Wish foundation. That way children with a terminal illness would benefit from scofflaws, and the city could say they aren’t doing it for the money. It’s always been “for the children”, hasn’t it?