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Juicy Smollier
12 days ago

Where is this thing listed on the ballot? Is it far down the page or easily seeable? The other thing I was wondering was that since amendments are so hard to pass (as they should be) why is there another manner in which to pass it? It should be a minimum of 60% voting on the measure, yes. But where is this odd carve out of 50% of anyone who casts a ballot at all coming from? That seems like a totally odd trojan horse. It can’t possibly be harder to do that than get 60% to vote YES on… Read more »

Governor of Alderaan
12 days ago

Don’t worry, Groot’s Authenticity will make people and businesses flock to Chicago and Illinois

12 days ago

That is the whole objective to Jag Boy and the DEMS they want the state to be dependent upon government.