By: Mark Glennon*

If you’ve never seen the speech Robert F. Kennedy gave off the cuff upon Martin Luther King’s assassination, watch it. It’s linked below. It was magnificent.

Robert F. Kennedy, April 4, 1968

You’d think the primary point of that speech — his call for a peaceful reaction — would be honored and quickly echoed by his party after police shot Jacob Blake in Kenosha on Sunday.

Not so.

As you can find across social media and in countless news articles, calls for peace from the left are almost entirely missing from reactions so far. It’s no surprise that rioters found another excuse for violence.

Robert Kennedy wasted no time asking for a peaceful response. His speech was, in fact, an announcement that MLK had been shot, while Kennedy was in Indianapolis. Riots followed in many dozens of cities across America. Indianapolis, however, was spared.

Among RFK’s words:

For those of you who are black and are tempted to fill with — be filled with hatred and mistrust of the injustice of such an act, against all white people, I would only say that I can also feel in my own heart the same kind of feeling. I had a member of my family killed, but he was killed by a white man.

But we have to make an effort in the United States. We have to make an effort to understand, to get beyond, or go beyond these rather difficult times….

What we need in the United States is not division; what we need in the United States is not hatred; what we need in the United States is not violence and lawlessness, but is love, and wisdom, and compassion toward one another, and a feeling of justice toward those who still suffer within our country, whether they be white or whether they be black….

We can do well in this country. We will have difficult times. We’ve had difficult times in the past, but we — and we will have difficult times in the future. It is not the end of violence; it is not the end of lawlessness; and it’s not the end of disorder.

But the vast majority of white people and the vast majority of black people in this country want to live together, want to improve the quality of our life, and want justice for all human beings that abide in our land.

Today, violence is widely accepted.

And if you haven’t seen some of the consequences in Kenosha, at least watch this couple, whose store was burned.

*Mark Glennon is founder of Wirepoints.

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Poor Taxpayer
17 days ago

Shooting unarmed minorities is nothing new to Chicago.

Paul H. Riehman
28 days ago

Unfortunately, this better generation, more reasoned and civil type of politician is almost gone. We have AOC and the other socialist-liberal whack-jobs congress ladies trying to change America into a failed system of government. And we not only have other career individuals in the House in lock step w/them, the Democrat candidate is their puppet! Now, we have “entitled” kids, coddled by their parents, passed along in school w/o the proper education about this country running rampant in the streets that have been brain-washed by their educators who are no less than Marxists! It’s time for citizens to rise up… Read more »

Illinois Entrepreneur
28 days ago

Hear, hear!

29 days ago

So at exactly what point is one entitled to defend themselves, their property, others, and others’ property, from attack by violent looters, rioters, and criminals?

Furthermore the laws vary by state.

So you have to know the laws of whatever state you are in.

The aggressors are becoming increasingly emboldened.

Certain Democratic Governors, Mayors, and County State’s Attorney’s are favoring the aggressors at the expense of peace of mind of the general public.

Look for the police and national guard in this video.

There obviously was not enough government protection.

29 days ago

When will there be a frank discussion about resisting arrest? All of these triggering incidents have that in common: resisting arrest. The legal definition of resisting arrest is straightforward, but in real life the situations are treated subjectively and interpreted/adjudicated after the fact through agenda-driven lenses. The challenge now should be to write an algorithm–precise and non-ambiguous description of what constitutes resisting arrest and what are law enforcement officers allowed to do in response: What is an objective definition of resisting arrest with which we may all agree? It must be so precise that it can be codified as law.… Read more »

29 days ago

RFK was shot late on June 5th, 1968, and died the following day, just over two months after the Indianapolis speech. At the time he was a US Senator from NY, campaigning in California to become the Democratic nominee for US President. The aftermath of that assassination resulted in greater security for Presidential candidates. We now need greater security for people and property in US cities due to civil unrest. That is not a prominent theme coming from Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Furthermore Democratic governors and mayors are hindering and blocking such security by refusing to deploy more National… Read more »

11 days ago
Reply to  Mike

I love John and Robert Kennedy.

Illinois Entrepreneur
29 days ago

This is an interesting discussion, as I remember both parties always advocating for peace, even if disagreeing. It seems that since W Bush, the Democrats got very angry (, calling Bush a nazi and war criminal, etc., etc.). They feel so self righteous that they just cannot understand for the life of them how ANYONE could vote for a Republican. So they assume that it’s selfishness, greed, or malice of some sort. Whenever you frame something as good vs. evil, everything is on the table, including violent protest. Then Obama came around, and although his silver tongue made sounds that… Read more »

Tom Berman
29 days ago

good analysis; spot on. Democrats have a religious belief that they are good and Republicans are evil. Once you believe that as you said everything is on the table and you can justify almost anything.

Illinois Entrepreneur
28 days ago
Reply to  Tom Berman

Thanks Tom. Human history is littered with pathological “us vs. them” thinking that seems to always come to a head — and then war. I don’t know how the current climate calms down, given the nature of the conflict.

Chase Gioberti
28 days ago

If President Trump is re-elected I hope he becomes the strongman the left fears rather than the libertarian he is more comfortable with. We need an authoritarian from the right at this time.

29 days ago

American citizens fighting one another. While defending his business with a fire extinguisher, a Kenosha business owner is hit from behind with a Gatorade type bottle filled with cement (or something along those lines) on Tuesday night August 24, 2020: Anarchy in Kenosha the night of Tuesday August 25th and early morning of Wednesday August 26th, 2020: The Wisconsin Democrat Governor failed to call up enough National Guard troops to defend Kenosha, prompting various loosely organized citizen militia factions to partially fill the void (Wisconsin is an open carry state). Single armed citizen militia attacked, defends himself with gun:… Read more »

29 days ago

Scary times , intimidation and misinformation at work.

Old Spartan
29 days ago

Great historical catch, Wirepoints. It is amazing how far the Democrat party has drifted from the philosophy of the Kennedy brothers over the last fifty years. If you read JFK’s and RFK’s speeches today, they sound almost like moderate Republicans– in favor of tax cuts, investment tax credits, pro oil industry, anti violence, tough on law and order., strong on family and individual incentives. What a shame the radicals have taken over what used to be a great political party.

29 days ago
Reply to  Old Spartan

I grew up in the shadow of the Kennedy age on the southwest side of Chicago. It was an exciting and vibrant time. We’ve drifted into the river Styx somehow.

fj hoenemyer
29 days ago
Reply to  Old Spartan

Compare and Contrast : JFK ” A rising tide lifts all boats” . Obama /Biden ” You didn’t build that’ and BTW I want it for me’s