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8 days ago

Peacefully exercising their right to protest? Is she serious? All you have to do is google photos and video of the riot over the Columbus statue on July 17 and that will tell you all you need to know about whether this was a “‘peaceful protest” or a riot.

Out of IL
8 days ago

The DEA and ATF made some major arrests of drug dealers and gang leaders for drugs and firearms violations. Is Duckworth going to complain about the feds going after drugs and guns? That’s Chicago’s problem, gangs and drugs. Let the feds handle that and let CPD handle Columbus statues. But, are they charged under federal statutes and not city statutes so that no bail Kim and no jail Tim won’t be able to let them out?

8 days ago

She must believe riots and anarchists are just politics. Tammy the traitor is back!

8 days ago

She doesn’t mind politicizing her wounds in the service.
Talks out of one side of her mouth.
She doesn’t make any sense.
All she wants to do is be # 2 on the dem ticket.

True believer
8 days ago

She’s a typical Chicago machine hack who is an embarrassment to her office. I respect her military service but she doesn’t take care of her constituents and only kisses up to the Democratic Marxist socialist machine who gave her everything she didn’t deserve.

8 days ago

Yeah and the protests were peaceful. Sure. Jackass. She’s a political stunt.

Fed up neighbor
8 days ago

Quack quack, likes to make noise but makes no sense

Last edited 8 days ago by Fed up neighbor
8 days ago

What the heck does Duckworth do!?