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Platinum Goose

“We started talking to people about rent control and finding that they actually really supported it” they also supported Pritzker, just shows how smart your average city voter is. Rent control is not the solution. One good effect of rent control is it will limit housing which hopefully will keep more of these wackos from moving in.


There’s so much rhetoric around the ‘socialism’ issue; but in reality, the ‘socialism’ label is nothing more than free giveaways in exchange for power. Voters who vote for socialists who promise them free stuff. At least Republicans are voting for tax cuts – which is letting the voter keep more of their own money. And the wall is a policy issue. But the socialist pandering is “I will give you free housing” and “I will give you free health care” and “I will give you free immigration advice” and so on and so on. The hard part they have is… Read more »