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5 days ago

It means–keep the children ignorant–therefore there will be a generation of idiots.
The teachers are supposed to be essential workers. Well their union representatives are not putting that forward.

Governor of Alderaan
4 days ago
Reply to  someone

A generation of idiots ignorant of history and reality, also unable to support themselves and therefore totally dependent on Big Government. This is what the psychopathic Democrats want

5 days ago

Defund the CPS. There, I’ve said it.

Governor of Alderaan
6 days ago

Fire the lazy child-hating criminals

Fed up neighbor
7 days ago

Fire everyone of you now if you go on strike. Home school and private education abolishing the public school system is the best thing that could ever happen. I will be glad to give everyone of you teachers and union shi-s a box of nails and hammers to put the nails in your coffins. Bye bye teachers and your pensions, yes it will happen.