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7 days ago

Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, Ha!

Tom Paine's Ghost
8 days ago

The State of Illinois has a massive spending problem because the State of Illinois exists to serve the Public sector unions. The state spends massively and inefficently to “employ” AFSCME, SEIU, CTU and IFT members (plus the legion of ghost payrollers). The taxpayers can all go to hell.

Governor of Alderaan
8 days ago

Big Government does not exist to serve the masses. It exists to grow Big Government. Cutting spending does not grow Big Government, therefore it will not happen.

Ex Illini
9 days ago

The worst thing about Illinois is it is a high tax burden state, but provides little in the way of services to the people. All the revenue is designated for friends and family of our state leaders. JB is in way over his gigantic head.

Eugene from a pay phone
9 days ago

I read the journal article and I am in full agreement that before more tax is grabbed from us there are many things the state could implement to reduce our debt. But State vs. State comparisons fall short when they fail to consider location and population. The formerly great economic engine known as ChicagoMetropolitan Area must account for snow removal from transportation arteries: highways, rail, airport runways. Iowa has snow storms too but warns drivers to be careful, that is all. Coastal states have little snow but FEMA picks up a big part of the tab when weather disasters hit.… Read more »

9 days ago

Our ‘so called’ leaders don’t care. Sad. I fear for my beloved State.