Ted was on with Tom Miller this week talking about the clear rejection by Illinois voters of Gov. Pritzker’s progressive tax hike.

Read Wirepoints’ summary of what happened here:

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14 days ago

I read this over at CapitolFax and I have to fully agree with Rich Miller on his writing on this one when he printed “ He (Pritzker) put literally everything on this tax vote and he came up way short.” Pritzker was spending like a drunken sailor and at the same time shutting down businesses’ that provided revenue to the State creating a double whammy. Now that Pritzker’s gamble didn’t pay off the Illinois citizenry is now saddled with additional debt and no way to pay it off without a Federal bailout that at the moment seems highly unlikely. The… Read more »

Juicy Smollier
14 days ago

Let’s be real. What happens here is the only option for government: The Fed will allow special pension bond purchases, by them or others (who would want to buy these besides them, lol) and the collateral damage will be done. Inflation will ensue, as confidence won’t last in the USD at that point. The people “will get their promised” XYZ, but the value of the dollar in real terms will not be akin to what they think. It’ll be funny when they admit this but then don’t blame the right people (themselves and the pols who planned this). Who really… Read more »

17 days ago

There was no way in HE** he and his billionaire family would have paid their fair share. It would all have been passed down to the low man on totem pole to pay.

17 days ago
Reply to  anonymous

You can say hell here. We’re not that PC. Heck, you can even say bullshit. How else can you comment about IL government.

Platinum Goose
16 days ago
Reply to  Mark Glennon

The seven words you can’t say on television can all be applied to Illinois politics in some way.

17 days ago

Pritzker politically has been mortally wounded by the ‘Fair Tax’ loss. Beginning of the end for him.

Ghost of liberty
17 days ago

And the fact that he called out more than half the state of being uneducated and other names before threatening all of us with. Higher taxes should be reason enough to impeach him!

16 days ago

Yea ,but the dum-o-crat electorate in this state will probably reelect ole governor fat body

Old Spartan
14 days ago
Reply to  David

Excellent analysis Ted– as usual. And David– you are right. If the voters don’t wizen up they will continue to get the same corrupt, inept and deceitful Democrat pols they have been supporting for decades. tough to feel sorry for them any longer.